Why I chose to certify with Childbirth International and why I chose against DONA.

February 4, 2020

How has it been over two years since I've last blogged?? I'm really the worst when it comes to blogging. Anyone else the same way?


Let's see.. I am trying to think of what has happened since I have last blogged. 


I've had numerous births. Numerous sessions. Numerous lulls. I've been quiet on my business social media platforms as well. I will try to be better this year!


Let's go back to 2017 when I decided to go for it and start my Doula training. I've wanted to be a doula since 2010 and was looking into DONA at the time. I signed up and paid my first year membership fee. Then left that idea sitting for seven years until I realized my dream wasn't going to come true if I didn't work for it. Naturally, I went back to the DONA website since my previous search led me there. It just didn't feel right. After doing lots of research, I decided against going with DONA. Some reasons will be kept to myself, however, I will share my biggest reasons for not choosing DONA.


1. DONA is membership based. Doesn't sound too bad on the surface. . until it does. You have to pay a yearly fee to maintain membership. That membership fee is $100 per year. I don't agree with being required to be a paying member in order to be a student. I don't agree with being required to be a paying member to certify. I SURE AS HECK don't agree with being required to be a paying member for the life of my certification. If I chose DONA and I chose to no longer be a member, I would be stripped of my certification. So, no. I did not choose DONA for this reason. I worked really hard and that certification I have is because of ME and I will not allow it to be taken away because I won't pay to be a part of someone's club. 


2. DONA also gives you a timeline for your course. As a full-time working mother with a side business and family, I didn't think that I could finish my course within their time frame. So I made sure to find a school that let me work the course on my time and finish when I am ready. I had a goal of finishing within six months of starting. I had the best intentions but it took me two years and several months to finish. 


3. DONA required two evaluations to be done per birth. One from the Birth Person and one from the Medical Provider. I am thinking, why should the Birth Person be required to write and submit a full on evaluation when they just freaking gave birth?? I know I would not have had the time or patience for something like that after I gave birth to my daughter. My certifying agency requires that us students do the evaluation. We write our evaluations for growth. For thought. For knowledge. For reflection. All things needed to be a great doula. I am so thankful that I was able to write my own evaluations. It was a little bit like therapy but so reflective and allowed me to grow within my new skill and thought process. 


I could go on and on but I will post this infographic here for anyone interested in becoming a doula. Please take your time to research each organization, their values, their purpose, and their bottom line.


I chose to study and certify with Childbirth International where there is no time frame on completion, no sign up fees,  and no membership dues. Just the one-time cost of the course. I have everything on my student website and can come back to it any time I want. If I needed five years or ten years to certify, I would have it. Best of all, their values align with mine. They see our need for knowledge and growth ahead of the growth of their business. In turn, that really helps them succeed at what they do. They are a great organization and I couldn't be happier that I chose them. The trainers are so passionate and thoughtful with their grading. I have never had as much support as I did with the trainers. They really helped me become a better me and an even better doula. 


I highly recommend them. 






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