Birth of Baby R.

Guys. This was the most amazing and incredible birth I have ever been a part of. I am STILL swooning over this experience.

My birth client had been experiencing contractions for almost 24 hours before having her sweet baby girl in her arms. She was sent home from L&D triage TWICE the night before AND the morning of her birth. She went from 2cm to fully dilated in only a couple of hours!! Talk about a crazy twist of events!

All natural birth and it was the most beautiful experience ever. She was a total rockstar. She pushed through the pain flawlessly and brought her baby into the world with so much peace.

What an incredible looking cord!! <3

I was in such awe of her beautiful red hair, just like her mommy.

I am swooning over this picture of baby and daddy. Oh my heavens!

Skin to skin. <3