Home birth of Baby L.

I was so excited to attend my very first home birth as not only a photographer but a training doula as well. It was everything I imagined it to be.

I got the call around 3:50 am that my client was in labor. I got my last minute things together, double checked my birth bag, and was on my way! About 40 minutes later, her husband texted me that she was feeling pushy. I was only a few minutes away.

When I walked in, I headed downstairs to the basement to find such a beautiful birth space. The lights were dimmed, midwives and nurses were standing by quietly observing, and her family was there supporting her. It was such a calm and inviting space.

My client was very very quiet, relaxed, and focused.

Just a few minutes later, she birthed a beautiful baby girl and dad was right there to catch her.