Photography Services

My passion for birth began a long long time ago and so did my love for photography. It wasn't until the last couple of years that I decided to merge the two. I began shooting births in 2016 and am now planning on incorporating birth photography in with my doula services. 

For birth photography, I will come to your birth space whether that be at home, birth center, or hospital. Maybe you aren't giving birth but you're adopting, using a surrogate, etc. these sessions are perfect. If you're birthing in a hospital, you'll often hear that they have a very small limit of people that can be present in the room as you give birth. For those wanting to hire both a doula and a photographer, that may be difficult if not impossible, until now. Since I am both a professional doula and photographer, that is one less person in your birth space. I can be hired as just one or the other, or both. 

With that said, I also shoot more than births. I am available for new life sessions and motherhood sessions as well. Maybe you aren't wanting someone to photograph the birth but would like a session in your birth space afterwards or once you've settled in after a few days, those are also my jam. I don't do posed photos or anything with props, I leave those to the newborn experts. These would be more of a documentary/lifestyle feel and are generally done during the first few hours up to the first two weeks after birth.


I also offer other sessions which are also a documentary/lifestyle feel and are for parents and their babies/kids only. This type of session includes things like nursing, babywearing, cuddling, etc. We can chat and set up a really fun session that captures your personality and needs. 

I support  A L L  families/individuals despite their background, race, gender, sexual preference, etc. Your story is safe with me. I want you to feel comfortable sharing who  Y O U  are, with me.

If any of this sounds like something you are interested in documenting, send me a message on the contact page and I will be in touch!