Doula Services


Birth is such a sacred and beautiful event. As a doula, I connect with my clients and their entire birthing team while promoting a calm, peaceful, and joyous birth. All family types are welcome and not only do I support the birthing person, but the partners, too! Whether you are birthing at home, a birth center, or hospital, I would be honored to be there for you. I support all birth plans and choices. This is so important to the work that I do. There is no one way to give birth and I will be there for you, help guide you through your options, and will stand by your decisions respectfully. 


You might be wondering if doulas take the place of birth partners. Absolutely not! One of the things I love doing the most is including your birth partner in my role as a doula. I love to show and teach them massage techniques, hip squeezes, counter pressure, etc. so that they can be involved, if they so desire. I don't ever want to take the place of a birth partner or take that experience away from them. I will be as involved or hands off as you wish. All of this is something I go over in our consult and questionnaire that gets sent out at the time of booking.

I offer a complimentary meet and greet consult to see if I would be a good fit for you. We can have as many prenatal consults as you wish but after the initial meeting, I do charge hourly for any additional consult. 

Maybe you are in a tough situation. Maybe you don't have anyone to turn to. Let me be your advocate. I don't just help those with planned pregnancies and I don't just help those that choose to give birth. I can be your advocate and support person while you navigate your pregnancy and your options. If abortion or adoption are what you choose, I provide the same amount of love and care. You need someone in your corner that will understand what you are going through. I can accompany you to your consultations, appointments, procedures, etc. 




Some of my doula services include:

prenatal consult(s) | assistance in exploring and creating a birth plan | review of desired birth plan | review of previous pregnancies and births (if applicable) | on-call starting three weeks before your estimated due date | support for birth partners | alternative positions for labor and birth | support using rebozo techniques | massage techniques for pain relief | journal documentation of labor and delivery | breastfeeding education, guidance, and support | continuous support during labor and the postpartum period | postpartum consult(s) | abortion support before, during, and after abortion services| miscarriage support | 

*I do not participate in unattended births at this time.*

I offer complimentary meet & greet interviews